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Job Number Job Title Category Job Type Date Posted Closing Date
J0221-0379Director, Development PlanningDevelopment PlanningFull TimeMarch 1, 2021March 21, 2021
J0221-1764Director, Economic Development, Communications & Intergovernmental RelationsEconomic DevelopmentFull TimeFebruary 26, 2021March 26, 2021
J0221-0801Assistant PlannerDevelopment PlanningFull TimeFebruary 24, 2021March 8, 2021
J0221-1433Director of Legislative ServicesCorporate AdministrationFull TimeFebruary 24, 2021March 14, 2021

J0221-0379 - Director, Development Planning

CategoryDevelopment Planning
Job TypeFull Time
Date PostedMarch 1, 2021
Closing DateMarch 21, 2021

J0221-1764 - Director, Economic Development, Communications & Intergovernmental Relations

CategoryEconomic Development
Job TypeFull Time
Date PostedFebruary 26, 2021
Closing DateMarch 26, 2021

J0221-0801 - Assistant Planner

CategoryDevelopment Planning
Job TypeFull Time
Date PostedFebruary 24, 2021
Closing DateMarch 8, 2021

J0221-1433 - Director of Legislative Services

CategoryCorporate Administration
Job TypeFull Time
Date PostedFebruary 24, 2021
Closing DateMarch 14, 2021
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This option allows you to use Boolean logic when searching for keywords within job descriptions. You can use AND and OR tokens as well as round brackets in your search criteria. The following are valid Boolean search examples:
  1. visual basic AND (oracle OR SQL server)
  2. (Java script OR vbscript) AND (exchange server OR outlook)
  3. activex data objects AND (xml OR html OR java script)
  4. (cics AND corba AND enterprise java beans) OR oracle certified developer
Note that key word searches are case insensitive and that punctuation characters are ignored.